A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


A Unity based vertical scroller for UCI VGDC Winter 2017 inspired by Super Meat Boy and Downwell. Prepare to be challenged and stressed out!


  • Krishen Bhan - Programming
  • Edwin Ho - VGDC Officer Mentor
  • Jonathan Nguyen - Project Leader
  • Wilfredo Paraiso - Programming
  • Riley Park - Audio
  • Jason Sy - Programming/Design


upwell-final-win.zip 35 MB
upwell-final-apple.app.zip 49 MB


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Can't get past the first part in the first level 420/10 would recommend

also plz stop editing my comment to cover up your bad rating. Also I have a flat butt.

Thanks Chris! I appreciate your feedback. I have notified the rest of my team to look into the issue. Just send me your issue# and my team will get back to you as soon as possible. Good yard!

Upwell Customer Service

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before i found this game, i was a hopeless man wandering around the street thinking of what to do with my boring life. my life took a huge rapid turn soon after i met tunsy, who recommended me this game. i found an old gateway laptop lying around my grandmother's basement and powered it up, and to my surprise this game is compatible with windows 98. it works smoothly and flawlessly on the 10" screen, and i finally found a purpose in my life. i became a happier person, found a job and got a girlfriend -- all thanks to upwell. just like its name, my life direction is now up and well. i'd like to thank tunsy and his fantastic team for dedicating their time to build the savior of my life. my only complaint is that it drains the battery on my 1999 laptop too quickly, cuz i'd like to play it 4ever and ever!